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Please check frequently asked questions by our customers.

  1. Can I rent a van without a deposit?
    We offer rental with the lowest possible deposit. The deposit in our rental is 1000 PLN. The deposit saves us in the event of damage to the car by the customer. If everything will be ok with the car - deposit is fully refunded after returned the car (maximum 7 working days).
  2. How can I pay the deposit?
    The deposit can be paid only by card or by bank transfer to the rental company's account. We do not require the customer to have a credit card, as long as the rent is paid for by a transfer from the client's account. For rentals over 7 days, the deposit can only be paid by bank transfer.
  3. How and how quickly do you return the deposit?
    The deposit paid by bank transfer is returned to the bank account within 3 business days. Deposit paid by card (pre-authorisation) is usually returned by 1 week, but really often it is a shorter period.
  4. Who can rent a car?
    Anyone who is aged twenty-three and upwards and has a driving license for more than 1 year. In the case of a person aged 21 to 23, it is possible to rent a car, but the rental price increases by 50%.
  5. What document should I have when renting the car?
    To rent a car, it is required to have two identity documents - driving license and for example ID card, passport, residence card.
  6. Do I need to book a car earlier?
    Will be nice, but it is not required. If you do not have a reservation, we can not guarantee the availability of the selected vehicle in the branch.
  7. How can I book the car?
    You can call to our hotline from 7am to 10pm: +48 500 800 935, write an e-mail: wypozyczalnia@kangoor.pl, make reservation on our website: http://kangoor.pl/rezerwacja/ or call directly to our branch: List of branches
  8. What forms of payment do you accept?
    You can pay for the rental by card or make bank transfer - using the link received in the e-mail with booking confirmation or by bank transfer after received invoice pro-forma (ask our employee on hotline about pro-forma+48 500 800 935) or in our branch (during working hours): List of branches
  9. Can I smoke in the rented car?
    No, you cannot smoke in the car. Smoking is financial penalty.
  10. Can I transport animals in the rented car?
    No, you cannot transport animals in our car. There is also a financial penalty for this.
  11. Is there any penalty for cancelling a booking?
    The booking is completely free and you can cancel it at any time, without consequences, but we will be grateful for prior telephone information.
  12. Can I put my own logo on the car during rental?
    It is possible after agreeing with the branch.
  13. Where can I pick up a booked car?
    The car you can pick up at a branch of your choice throughout Poland.
  14. Can you deliver the car to any address?
    Yes, we can deliver the car to the address indicated by the customer. This service is additionally payable according to the price list.
  15. Can a car be picked up by somebody other than me?
    Yes, in this case we need authorization (click)
  16. I would like to prelong rental. How can I do it?
    You should call to our hotline or to our branch and consult any details.
  17. Do you have any additional fees for renting?
    All additional fees are included  in the price list and the tables below it. Additional fees for example: delivering the car to the address, pick up or return the car after office's working hours.
  18. Do the cars have any mileage limits?
    You can rent the car with a daily limit of 200 km, as well as an option without mileage limit. In the case of a 5-hour rent the limit is 100 km.
  19. Can the car be driven only by the person who rented it?
    The car can be driven by the person who rented it, as well as by the person authorized in writing, without any additional charges.
  20. Can I drive abroad by rented car?
    Yes, you can, but in this case, when signing the agreement, you should report such a fact and pay a one-time fee according to the price list. Foreign trips are prohibited to the following countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.
  21. I do not have a Polish driving license. Can I rent a car from your location?
    Yes, of course.
  22. What do I have to do in the event of an accident/collision?
    You should call the police to make a damage report and contact emergency number - S.O.S. KANGOOR clik (you can find this number on the rental agreement).
  23. What do I have to do in the event of a car breakdown?
    Call our emergency number clik, you can find this number on the rental agreement.
  24. Should I return the van with a full tank?
    Each rented van is delivered with a different amount of fuel in the tank, the van should return with the same condition as when the van was picked up.
  25. Do you issue invoices for rent?
    We are fully legally company, therefore we issue VAT invoices for each service we provide.
  26. Am I responsible in the event of a collision or accident that is not my fault?
    No, if there is a police memo. In any case, we keep the deposit until the matter is resolved.
  27. How much will I pay for renting a car from KANGOOR rental?
    The rental price depends on the type of rented car and the period  for which  it is rented, The price list is available here: Price list
  28. What is the minimum period for which I can rent a car?
    The minimum period for which you can rent a car is 5 hours.
  29. What kind of insurance do your cars have?
    Collision, comprehensive and third party insurance, casualty insurance, Europe assistance
  30. Can I return the car to a branch other than the one I rented?
    It is possible. The service is additionally payable according to the price list.
  31. Can I pick up/return the car after office working hours?
    Yes, it is possible but this service is additionally payable according to the price list.
  32. What if I am late with the return of the car?
    It is an extra cost. Up to 5 hours late for small cars - 18.45 PLN, for medium - 24.60 PLN, for large - 36.90 per hour. More than 5 hours shall be charged as a full day of rental lasting a full 24 hours.
  33. Can I rent a car "on the spot"?
    We have a lot of cars in our branches but we are not able to guarantee availability of a specific model or type of car. Therefore, we recommend booking in advance.
  34. Do you comply with the new, restrictive personal data protection regulation (GDPR)?
    Of course, as a professional company. Your personal data is protected.