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We invite you to read the questions asked by our rental customers.

  1. Do you rent a van without bail?

  • We offer rental vans with the lowest bail. Our rental deposit is 1000 zł. The deposit is a security in the event of damage to the vehicle by the customer. In case the car is returned without any damage, the deposit is returned in full at time of vehicle.

  1. How do I pay a deposit?

  • The deposit can be paid by cash on delivery car, a credit card or bank transfer . We do not require having a number of credit card.

  1. In what form and how quickly you give a deposit back?

  • The deposit is refunded upon return of the car with the cash payment, but not earlier than the payment will be paid for the rental. The deposit sent by bank transfer, will be returned to the bank account up to 3 days.


  1. Can anyone use your service and other support?

  • Rent a car from us can any person who has completed 23 years old and have a driving license for a period longer than one year. In the case of from 21 to 23 years , you can rent a car but the rental price increases by 50%.

  1. What documents should I have when renting a car?

  • For a rental car is required to provide two documents proving the identity of the tenant (eg. An identity card, passport, driving license or residence card)

  1. Do I need to book a car?

  • Book your car is welcome, but not required. In the absence of a reservation you have no guarantee of the availability of a specific type of car in the ward.

  1. How do I book a car?

  • The car can be booked by contacting our hour hotline phone number: 500 800 935, by email at the following address: wypozyczalnia@kangoor.pl or direct contact with the branch: List of branches

  1. What forms of payment for the car rental you accept?

  • For rent you can be paid by cash, credit card or make a transfer to the account of rental.

  1. Can I smoke in a rented car?

  • Is a ban on smoking in cars. For non-compliance threatens penalty.   

  1.  Can I carry pets in the rented car?

  • Is the ban on the transport of animals in cars. For non-compliance threatens penalty.

  1.  Is the cancellation is payment punishment?

  • Booking is completely free and at any time, without any consequences,  we will be very grateful for prior information telephone.

  1.  If is the long-term rental car, I can taped own logo?

  • In the case of long-term lease, there is a possibility.

  1.  Where can I pick up booked car?

  • The car can be picked up at your chosen branch.

  1.  Is there a possibility of substitution of the car?

  • Yes, you can substitute car to the address indicated by the customer. This service is paid additionally according to the price list. In the case of rent for the amount of minutes. 2000 zł, he substitutes the car for free.

  1.  My employee or friend can pick-up booked car ?

  • Yes, in this case the authorization is requested.

  1.  I would like to extend the rental. How can I do this?

  • Please contact the branch by telephone and agree on how long you want the extension.

  1.  Do you charge extra rental fees?

  • Additional fees are charged only for the provision of additional services including eg. GPS rental, the substitution of the car to the address indicated by the client or return outside working hours rental. All additional charges are included in the price list and underneath tables: Link to pricelist

  1.  Or cars offered for rent have a limit of kilometers away?

  • You can hire cars from both the daily limit of 200 km, and in the options with unlimited kilometers. In the case of the lease for five hours, the limit is 100 km.

  1.  Whether the car can lead only person who rented the car?

  • The car can lead the person who made the rental, and the person authorized in writing by the landlord without any extra charge.

  1.  Is your car can go abroad?

  • Yes, there is such a possibility. In this case, when signing the contract and report the fact to make a one-time fee according to the price list. Foreign trip is denied to the following countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

  1.  I do not have Polish driving license. Can I rent a car in your rental?

  • Yes, no problem with that.

  1.  What should I do in case of collision / accident?

  • You should call the police in order to transcribe the appropriate protocol damage and contact S.O.S. Kangoor at the phone number: +48 513 538 598

  1.  What do I do if your car breaks down?

  • Call the emergency number +48 513 538 598, which also features a vehicle on the rental agreement.

  1.  Do I have to return the car with a full tank?

  • Each rented vehicle with a full fuel must back with same level 

  1.  Do you issue invoices for rent?

  • We are fully legally operating company, because for every service provided by us VAT invoices.

  1.  In the case of a collision or accident was not my fault, I have some responsibility?

  • No, if the note has been drawn police. In any case, we suspend bail until clarification of the case.

  1.  How much will I pay for rental car in Kangoor?

  • The price for renting depends on the type of the rented vehicle and the period for which it rent.

  1.  What is the minimum period for which I rent a car?

  • The minimum period for which you can rent a car is 5 hours.

  1.  What have your car insurance?

  • OC, AC, ASSISTANCE, EUROPE, accident

  1.  Do I return the car in a different branch than the borrowed?

  • You can return the car in a different branch than was his loan. Additionally paid service according to the price list.

  1.  Can I pick up / return the car outside working hours?

  • You can return the car outside working hours of the branch. This is a paid service according to the price list.

  1.  What if being late with the return of the car?

  • 5 hours late fee for passenger cars and small long - 18,45zł, in the case of cars of the middle class and large, the fee is 24,6zł in the case of a container, a container with lift, tarpaulins and tow trucks is 36,9 zł. After 5 hours, you are charged another day.

  1.  Can I rent a car "on the spot"?

  • Each of our subsidiaries has to rent from a dozen to several dozen cars. Always we have "free" cars for rent. However, we are unable to guarantee continuous availability of a particular model or type of car. Because after all, we recommend early booking.

  1.  Do you follow new, strict rules on the protection of personal data (RODO)?

  • Of course, as a professional company prepared a special article at this link: RODO Kangoor